The Tianak, also known as "The Lesser Vampire", is the largest, and physically strongest of the three Vampire species.

Description Edit

Standing at nearly seven cubits high, and weighing over nineteen stone, the Tianak is a sight to behold.

Two, wide ears, perfect for catching sound waves in tight caverns, posable thumbs perfect for gripping windowsills, and three main claws used to butcher prey, Tianaks are as dangerous as a rampaging Werewolf.

Information Edit

Origins Edit

Little is known about Tianaks in their natural state, given that they can rip, rend, and slaughter the average man before he even hears it, but what scholars and researchers have learned is that Tianaks, are actually humans.

Yes, they may not look it, but at one time, a Tianak was a pale-skinned, gold-loving human.

Many a philosopher believe that, prior to their monstrous transformation, future Tianaks were men of faith, be it priests or another form of holy men who deterred from their faith, refusing their gods praise, were punished grievously.

It is believed that those who simply refused to speak well of their gods were transformed into Draugrs.

However, those who lied about their gods' actions, those who completely refused their gods, they were punished much more severely.

Behavior Edit

Tianaks must feed at least once every seven days, in comparison to Draugrs, which use blood purely as a means of intoxication.

Oddly enough, if a Tianak is to feed daily, their strength would grow exponentially, to a point where they could overpower even a Golem.