House Frore

House Frore of Riverwatch is the largest vassal House of the North, and the sole vanguard of the North's capital, Frost's End.

History Edit

House Frore was born into existence when Alaric the Hunter and his band of serfs attacked Enel the Impaler's forces from the rear, ruining their plan to coax the city's defenders out of their protective walls, and strip them of their sole advantage.

This act of Heroism was enough to earn Alaric and his people a keep of their own, the abandoned site of Riverwatch, where they set out for the second Enel fled the North to wage conquest in what now is called "The Seat".

Upon reaching Riverwatch's ruin's, Alaric's caravan was assaulted by a Yeti, which nearly crippled Alaric, had it not been for a pack of nearby Wargs.

The Wargs, a natural predator to Sasquatches and their subspecies, were more than inclined to assault the distracted Yeti, and with the help of Alaric's bowmen, slew the beast.

In remembrance of the creatures that saved them, House Frore designed their banner to incorporate the animal's paw with the crossed blades angled down, symbolizing the protection of wolves.

The skull of the Yeti lies in Riverwatch to this day, adorning the wall, a symbol to all that dare threaten House Frore.