House Algid
House Algid of Frost's End is the current Governing house of the North, governing the massive region locked in permafrost.

History Edit

House Algid was formed prior to the invasion of Enel the Impaler, creating the city of Frost's End in an attempt to tame the North, and to found a culture.

Not much is known about Algid's roots, only that when Enel and his horde finally marched into the North, they spied a massive, grey structure of stones so thick, none of the chill-carrying winds could pierce it.

Against is brother Larton's counsel, Enel laid siege to the stronghold, which he dubbed "Frost's End."

The siege lasted many weeks, but in the end, Enel's forces never even breached the front gate.

However, had it not been for a group of nearby hunters and peasants, many believe the city would have, just like every town prior, fallen under the blood-soaked fist of the Impaler.

To honor the peasants of their bravery and valor, Hardmond Algid II (The current lord of Frost's End) named their leader Lord of a nearby keep, Riverwatch, and head of House Frore, currently Algid's most loyal vassal.