Foglets, Mistlings, Hobgoblins, all names used to address the pointy-eared, egg-headed pains in the asses of all that live anywhere near marshes, bogs, Mountains, or otherwise anywhere capable of generating a fog.

Description Edit

Gremlins are goblin-like creatures with two, incredibly long arms, both ending in a four-digit hand, each bony finger ending in talons, all over nine thumbs in length.

They've earned their namesake through their ability to fade into the fog, witchcraft to peasants and nobles alike, but a simple illusionary spell to experienced mages, one that can be countered.

While many seem to believe that, while in their fog form, are ethereal, immaterial, but they are wrong.

If you swung an axe at a moving cloud of mist, it'd have the same effect of attacking a fully visible Gremlin.

It'd only make it angrier.

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Origins Edit

Many a scholar are unsure of the Gremlin's origins in Civitus, some believe they were carried over across the Infinite Sea, while others believe they kept to themselves, rarely being encountered in the sparsely settled marshes dotting the land.

Either way, reports of goblin-like giants sprouted out of the woodwork not long after Enel the Impaler was slain, giving leeway to the conclusion that Gremlins are not native to Civitus.