The Draugr, regarded as "Higher Vampires" are arguably the most dangerous of all Vampires.

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While not being as brutal as the Danav, or even as strong as a Tianak, Draugrs can outpace either of it's cousins through sheer speed alone.

With the power of flight, the muzzle of a wolf, and the talons of a Griffon, Draugrs can shred opponents in an instant, carry them past the trees and let them plummet to their horrifying end, and even suck the life out of them faster than they can blink.

While Tianaks use their impressively powerful legs to leap tens of feet, Draugrs can fly for indefinite amounts of time, allowing them to dive on the unsuspecting, or escape an unsavory fight briskly and effectively.

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Origins Edit

No two philosophers seem to be able to agree on the exact origins of a Draugr, some believing them as natural as the sun and stars, while others believe that they are the result of a necromancer's attempt to fuse together a man and a bat.

The most popular theory, and most supported, is that Draugrs were once holy men who turned their backs on their faith, refusing to honor their gods, praise them even, and in turn, were transformed into beasts